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Beau is a Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, and Director. He accomplished his first dream by serving in the US Military as a Special Forces Green Beret. His second dream was to be a performing Magician, which he continued to do after an honorable discharge from the military. Beau fulfilled a third dream by obtaining a degree from Full Sail University and working in the film and production industry. 


Beau has always enjoyed travel and adventure. He has also enjoyed film and photography from a young age. He would love to have a shot at acting on TV or in a feature film (or so our sources say). Beau has experience in short films, documentaries, commercials, live events, and sizzle reels.


Beau is not afraid to take risks and is passionate about whatever he does. He can be the life of the party or a quiet listener. Beau is a lover of nature and humanity and tries to avoid people easily offended or lacking a sense of humor. As a result, it is unlikely he has ever met a stranger. Beau always looks forward to his next journey and future collaborations.

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Video Resume

    Reading List 

    Blain Brown


    Theory & Practice (Fourth Edition)

    Cinematography Theory and Practice by Blain Brown

    This book helps guide you through the process of choosing your shots and why people shoot the way you do

    Sidney Lumet

    Making Movies

    Making Movies

    Coming from someone with over seventy years of experience, this book is a must read for any aspiring filmmaker. Making Movies contains many lessons and tips on making films with advice that would take years to discover on your own.

    Harry C. Box

    Set Lighting Technician's Handbook

    Film Lighting Equipment, Practice, and Electrical Distribution

    Set Lighting Technician's Handbook

    Need help with lighting equipment terms and how to get the look you want from your kit? This is the best book for anyone looking to further their lighting knowledge.

    Alexis Van Hurkman

    Color Correction Handbook (2nd Edition)

    Professional Techniques for Video and Cinema

    Color Correction Handbook

    When it comes to finishing the color correcting and color grading for film this covers each and every aspect of the job. Loaded with comparisons and charts this book of professional techniques will give you the basic and advance knowledge on the color aspect and feel for your film.



    I was looking for a unique way to show what we could do at our company. Beau created a storyboard and presented an idea to us. I am happy to say that this ultimately increased our audience and social media traffic. Thanks to him, we have a new perception of marketing.

    - Lacy W

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